Naming our Jewerly

Maricel aka (Maruja), the founder grew up with the presence of many strong women around. Her Mom was a principal in a few schools in the Philippines and she was also in charge of the business and doing real estate. Her Mom was truly the true superwoman. Maruja also grew up with two strong grandmothers. Her Lola (grandma in the Tagalog), raised 12 kids and only 2 are her own. She was truly the most selfless woman we know. She always put her kids first and especially her grandchildren. Maruja remembers Lola giving her the last penny she has in her wallet. She has the kindest heart there is that all the children and the grandkids grew up without even calling her their only Mom or grandmother. 

Thus, when Maruja created this brand she wanted to empower women of all different backgrounds. She believed that no matter how different each woman is they are all so beautiful and powerful in their own rights. So she wanted to celebrate them and bring honor to each woman who stands to inspired people no matter how small or large it is so she decided to name each of her feature jewelry by all the strong and amazing women she has encounter in her lifetimes. Each has a story to tell and each can inspire each woman